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Please send us an email and let us know if our website is being put to good use in your community and your suggestions for improvements.

I’m a Republican speech and debate teacher at a small community college. Our community has more than 80% Democrat registration. I have started to use the subjects on your Conservatives vs. Liberals page as topics for our debates. Students are assigned topics and then do their own research before debating. The result has been that several students have volunteered that they have become conservatives as a result of exposure to your website and their own independent research. The process is slow, but steady.

E. Martinez
Dallas, Texas

I recently turned 18 and took the quiz on your website: What is a Republican? It only took me a few minutes to determine that I think like a Republican. I’ve suggested to several friends that they take the quiz. More than half think like Republicans.

J. Wu
New York, New York

I would like to compliment you on your on-line political glossary. I have been teaching political science at a community college for several years. Your Glossary of Political Terms is the most comprehensive glossary I have been able to find after years of searching. It is now a resource that we use in class. Please continue to expand it.

R. Hernandez
Los Angeles, California

My parents and grandparents have always been Democrats so it was natural for me to call myself a Democrat when I turned 18. I have read every word of your website and have verified the accuracy of the information presented. I am now a registered Republican and believe my parents will follow my lead. Thank you for opening my eyes.

M. Jackson
Long Beach, California

I have been disabled for several years and don’t get out very often. I read the section of your website entitled: Things You Can Do to Change the Direction of the Nation as well as the section: Start a Chain Reaction. Both have helped me to utilize my time at home to make a difference. Thank you.

S. Williams
Concord, New Hampshire

The U.S. Debt Clock link on your website is both incredible and frightening. I never realized that the Obama Administration increased the national debt by as much as all of the prior administrations combined from the founding of our nation to 2008. Thanks for the information and your excellent website.

C. Christian
Columbia, South Carolina

I teach history at a public high school and recently came across your website page God and American History. I have referred my students to it and, with few exceptions, my students have learned about the Founding Fathers and the history of our nation. Thank you for making the facts so readily available.

T. Kim
Phoenix, Arizona

I read the section of your political website on Famous Democrats and was shocked to learn how many were racists. I had no idea. I checked many of them out and found your site to be very accurate. My teachers failed to inform us about the true character of so many well known Democrats who have been leaders of the party.

R. Jefferson
Columbus, Ohio

After reading the sections of your website entitled A History of Close Elections and Why Republicans Must Vote, I will never again fail to cast my votes for Republican candidates. I have realized how many elections have been decided by a single vote or a handful of votes. Thank you for bringing the facts to my attention.

J. Johnson
Miami, Florida

The Famous Quotes on your website are excellent because they demonstrate the real differences between conservatives and liberals by using their own words. Using a person’s own words against them, or to support them, makes everything very clear and impossible to refute. I hope you will expand this section of your website.

A. Richards
Des Moines, Iowa

I’m a new citizen of the United States and I am trying to learn as much as possible about this great country. Your website has been very helpful, especially the Political Glossary. A co-worker referred me to your site and I will refer it to others. Thank you for helping me with my education.

J. Gomez
Denver, Colorado

I’m the President of a small GOP club in Pennsylvania with a small budget. We have linked our website to yours in order to take advantage of the valuable content on your site. You were made for small Republican clubs like ours. Thank you for making your site available to us.

R. Clinton
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Just a note to let you know that I am distributing brochures printed from your website. I am doing my part to help get America on the right path.

D. Adams
Madison, Wisconsin

I just reviewed the list of Hillary Clinton newspaper endorsements on your website and cancelled my subscription to our newspaper. I didn’t realize they were using my money to support her liberal agenda. Thank you for making the information available.

J. Chen
San Diego, California

I am the pastor of a small Church in Pennsylvania. While I cannot use the Church to promote a political party, I have been able to utilize your God and American History page to help educate our members about how they can best defend our First Amendment rights. If they become Republicans in the process, that’s ok with me. Thank you.

M. Roberts
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A small group of friends are in the process of organizing a Republican Club in Michigan. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to link our site to your site. It has made the process of creating an excellent website easy and inexpensive. Thank you from Michigan Republicans.

M. Christopher
Detroit, Michigan

I live in an area where I am surrounded by liberals. This includes much of my extended family, members of my temple, and where I work. About 80% of the people around me are liberal Democrats. For several years, they have attempted to convince me to support the Democratic Party and have offered various arguments in support of their efforts. Until I found your website, I found it difficult to succinctly articulate the conservative and Republican positions on the major issues of the day. Your website has changed everything. I now have an excellent source to cite and use to make arguments in favor of conservatism and the GOP. Thank you.

D. Levine
Bloomington, Minnesota

I would like to thank you for assisting us in creating an effective precinct organization last year. You were very helpful and everything you have done for our local Republican club is greatly appreciated. I will continue to refer people to your website.

M. Amir
Detroit, Michigan

I’m a young black man who has consistently voted for the Democratic Party because my family and co-workers are all Democrats and I have been raised in an environment where I was expected to support the Democratic Party. I was recently referred to your website by a friend and have spent several hours learning how much I didn’t know. I have referred your website to my friends and relatives with the hope that they will learn what Republicans and conservatives believe. If I had continued to rely on Democrats to define Republicans and conservatives, I would never have learned the truth. You have created a great website.

R. Washington
Jacksonville, Florida

I am a recent immigrant from China and was referred to your website by a friend. I have learned that much of the information previously provided to me upon arrival in the United States was either false or incomplete. Thank you for the information on your website.

T. Zhang
Los Angeles, California

The Pro Gun Sayings on your website are amusing, educational and convincing. I have never seen a more comprehensive list. I intend to send it to everyone I know. Good job.

R. White
Dallas, Texas

I’m a strong supporter of the Second Amendment to the Constitution. As an immigrant from Hungary, I have seen first-hand what it’s like when the government controls all of the guns in a nation. I have sent your Gun Control Quotations and Pro Gun Sayings to many of my friends and relatives. Keep up the good work.

S. Balog
Grand Rapids, Michigan

I’m an American citizen, born in China. My son’s first choice application for college was rejected even though his grades were at the very top of those who applied. He was rejected because other more favored minorities with lower grades were given priority. This is most unfair, does not reward hard work, and seems un-American to me and other Asians who are experiencing the same treatment. The message sent to my son and other young people is that your hard work is less important than someone else’s race or color. We are grateful to the Republican Party and your organization for standing against racial discrimination in any form.

T. Liu
San Francisco, California

While conducting an Internet search, I came across your GOP website. I have linked our local website to yours and will encourage other Republicans to do the same. I am well aware of the fact that links to your website will help it rank higher when people are searching various political topics. Please keep expanding the content on your website. I will do what I can to generate links to it.

B. Davis
Marietta, Georgia

I am a young Christian who just started college in New Mexico. Most of the students in my history and political science courses are liberal Democrats who endorse free birth control, free abortions, free college tuition, free food stamps, and the right of homosexuals to adopt children. They are nearly all against the Second Amendment right to own a gun, voter identification requirements, and any mention or reference to God. As a Christian, I do not understand how any Christian or Jew can support the Democratic Party as it currently exists. Your website is an excellent means for helping to change the hearts of those who are on the wrong path. Thank you.

J. Rodriguez
Albuquerque, New Mexico

I am a Black American that has voted for every Democratic Party candidate for more than thirty years. While doing an internet search, I came across your website. I first started reading about Famous Democrats and then started reading the Famous Quotes and the other parts of your website. I then verified the truth of what was presented. I was shocked and have changed my political party to the Republican Party. I joined a local Republican club which welcomed me with open arms. Thank you. I intend to distribute your brochures across Orlando.

F. Jackson
Orlando, Flordia

I am on the board of an active Republican club in Tampa, Florida. We often interview candidates for both partisan and non-partisan elections. We also hold candidate forums where the local community is invited to hear candidates from the Republican Party and the Democratic Party speak on various issues. Your Political Candidate Questionnaire, has been very helpful to Democrats, Republicans, and independent voters.

J. Keene
Tampa, Florida

I am an independent voter from Manchester, New Hampshire. When I first came across your website and started reading it, I thought some of the material was biased and possibly untruthful. After doing independent research, I have concluded that while you may have an agenda, you are absolutely truthful. I will never look at the Democratic Party in the same way.

J. Concord
Manchester, New Hamphire

I am a political science major at a college in Kansas and I intend to make politics my career. I intend to run for state office and eventually for Congress. I have spent hours on your website, especially the political dictionary. It is an excellent resource, saving me countless hours of research. Without any doubt, you have created the most comprehensive glossary of political terms and phrases I have been able to find anywhere. Thank you for your help.

D. Lawrence
Wichita, Kansas

I have been a pro-life Democrat for more than 20 years, but have decided I must change political parties. When the Democratic Party Chairman, Tom Perez, announced that all Democrats should be pro-choice, without exceptions, it became the straw that broke the camel’s back.

J. Greenspan
Coral Gables, Florida

I’m a Jewish Republican living in Los Angeles. Our family belongs to a large temple made up mostly of liberal Democrats. I strongly suggest that you add a section to your website explaining specifically why Jews should vote Republican. It makes absolutely no sense to me and many others why Jews would support the Democratic Party which has abandoned Israel and ignores the Iranian threat to the Jewish people.

I. Cohen
Los Angeles, California

It is with great pleasure that I enclose my donation to your fine organization. You are providing a valuable and much needed service in spreading the truth. I am absolutely certain that anyone reading your website will benefit from it, and likewise benefit our great nation.

I. Clark
Newport Beach, California

I am an independent voter and a third year history major at a large public university in Oregon. Until I found your website, I had no real understanding of the fact that historically the Ku Klux Klan was an extension of the Democratic Party. When I first read your site, I did not believe what I read. After doing my own independent research, I now know the truth and will make a better history teacher which is my goal. Thank you.

B. Waters
Eugene, Oregon

I am a Black woman, a Christian, and mother of two small children. When searching on the internet, I came across your website and became curious. I could not believe what I read about Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, and the Negro Project. I did further research and found that what you said is accurate. Thank you for bringing these important facts to the attention of the public. I intend to spread the word to everyone at my church.

M. Johnson
Atlanta, Georgia

I am a high school history teacher in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Many of my students use words that do not exist in any dictionary and express thoughts that are extreme to put it mildly. I fear that they will never get jobs, or if they do land a job, they will be let go as soon as they open their mouths. Thank you for your explanation of politically correct terms.

R. Chandler
Roswell, Georgia

I am a 19 year old Japanese American who graduated from an American high school located in Los Angeles County, California. My high school history book had three sentences about the incarceration of more than 110,000 Americans of Japanese descent in American concentration camps from 1942 to 1945. My teacher didn’t even mention the subject. I would like to thank you for recognizing the importance of this historical event and explaining what Franklin D. Roosevelt did to my people. The young people of America need to learn history so that we do not repeat the mistakes of the past.

G. Hasimoto
Little Tokyo, Los Angeles

I am a young black man who has voted for the Democratic Party since I became 18 because I thought the party represented my interests and the interests of the majority of Americans. After watching the Democrats and the Congressional Black Caucus at the 2018 State of the Union address, I have changed my mind. When Donald Trump announced that black and Hispanic unemployment had fallen to the lowest levels in the history of America, Democrats should have celebrated. Their reaction was pathetic and most disrespectful. I am sure the Democrats lost many votes that day. I am now a registered Republican.

M. Turner
Richmond, Virginia

Our family is from Armenia, but we are now American citizens. We greatly appreciate your support for officially recognizing the Armenian Genocide. This is a subject of great concern to all people living in the United States who are of Armenian descent.

B. Sarkissian
Glendale, California

I have been an independent voter for more than 20 years having voted for Democrats and Republicans. After watching the disgraceful conduct of the Democratic leadership and most of the Democrats in attendance at the 2018 State of the Union address, I will never again vote for a Democrat. Their conduct can be viewed on Youtube under “Disgraceful”. Every American that did not watch the president’s address before a joint session of Congress, should view the Youtube video and see the true nature of the Democratic Party.

N. Franklin
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

I am a student at the University of California, Los Angeles and just completed a course in political science where we were asked to write a two-part paper on “why I am a Democrat or Republican” and “why I am not a Democrat or Republican”. While I did not plagiarize, I did use the materials on your website as my primary resource. Even my liberal professor was impressed with my paper. After the assignment was completed, I referred him to your website which he agreed was an excellent source of information.

M. Lin
Santa Monica, California

I am a U.S. Citizen born in Mexico. I came to America with my parents who legally immigrated to Arizona when I was a small child. I want your readers to know that most Americans of Mexican descent love the people of Mexico, but do not support open borders or amnesty for those people in the United States illegally. Americans of Mexican descent know better than most Americans that illegal aliens drive down wages making it more difficult to earn a good living. We love America and want to protect all Americans and those non-citizens living here legally.

J. Flores
Tucson, Arizona

I have been a professor of political science and U.S. History at the university level for more than twenty-five years. I am an independent voter and try to be objective as possible when I am teaching classes. One of my students brought your website to my attention which I have enjoyed reading. Your Political Dictionary is fantastic. It is absolutely the most complete glossary of political terms and phases I have ever seen. While I do not agree with some of the views expressed on your website, I have referred others to it and thank you for making it available. It is an excellent teaching tool.

M. Levin
Los Angeles, California

I am a black woman and fourth generation from St. Louis, Missouri. I was directed to your website by a member of my Church and read the Greatest Moments in the History of the Republican Party. What a surprise. I had no idea that Republicans have made such important contributions to civil rights and the struggle of our people. I also found the pages on famous quotes, famous Democrats, and famous Republicans to be enlighting. My teachers were obviously biased. I will pass your website address on to my friends.

L. Green
Ladue, Missouri

I recently graduated from California State University, Los Angeles. Like all students, I was required to take Political Science as a core class. Until I was referred to your website, I was under the impression from my professors that Frederick Douglass, William Lloyd Garrison, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Susan B. Anthony were all Democrats. I now know that they were all abolitionists and supported the Republican Party. My professors also failed to tell us that Jefferson Davis was a Democrat and that the Ku Klux Klan was started as an extension of the Democratic Party. Thank you for your website and for providing accurate, verifiable information. I especially like the Famous Republicans and Famous Democrats pages.

D. Huang
Monterey Park, California

I am a Japanese American who became a U.S. citizen as a child in 1940. My parents also became citizens at the same time. Our family was peacefully farming in the San Fernando Valley in Southern California when World War II began. In 1942, our entire family was rounded up and incarcerated without a trial, simply for being of Japanese heritage. We had to sell everything to our neighbors in two days which meant we lost everything. Thank you for bringing to the attention of your readers how we were treated by the Democratic administration of Franklin Roosevelt. Executive Order 9066 was a racist decision as far as most Japanese of my generation are concerned. Not a single German or Italian was incarcerated in concentration camps like we were. Not a single Japanese American has ever been accused of a disloyal act.

F. Nakamura
Garden Grove, California

I’m a professor of political science at one of the University of California campuses, I cannot identify which one because I would likely be the target of retaliation if the administration knew of this letter. While I am not a Republican, as an independent voter, I must tell you that I have never found a better, more comprehensive, dictionary of political terms than the one on your website. While a few of the definitions are slightly biased in my opinion, I consider your political glossary to be excellent. I am now referring my students to it without editorializing about it. I encourage you to expand your definitions so as to make the glossary even more valuable as an educational tool. The section on your website Conservatives vs. Liberals is also an excellent tool that we are using to encourage and assist with political debates.

A Political Science Professor
University of California

How to Register to Vote in Every State

Registering to vote is easy and can be done online in most states. The website vote.gov provides simple instructions for all 50 states. If you are not registered as a Republican, please do so now. If you are not certain whether you are registered to vote, the website canivote.org will provide you with the answer.

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