Local Political Campaign Checklist


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Following is a partial checklist that can be used for local political campaigns whether the office is partisan or non-partisan. It is divided two major sections: (1) Before Announcing, and (2) After Announcing. Many, but not all of the items, in each section, can and should be accomplished simultaneously.

* __ Attorney to review all local and state election laws and sign ordinances.
* __ Prepare application and gather required signatures.
* __ Find headquarters location.
* __ Appoint campaign positions and establish job descriptions:
__ Campaign Manager __ Legal Counsel
__ Treasurer (CPA) __ Communications Director
__ Finance Committee Director __ House Parties Director
__ Volunteers Committee Director __ Opposition Research Director
* __ Buy important domain names.
  __ Create biography for website.
  __ Develop written position papers.
* __ Develop talking points for staff and volunteers.
* __ Develop website (Make live after announcement).
* __ Create direct mail piece for Republicans.
* __ Create direct mail piece for independents.
* __ Create door hangers.
* __ Create generic campaign business card.
* __ Design yard signs.
* __ Develop short speech.
* __ Develop long speech.
* __ Create magnetic signs for campaign staff and volunteer's cars.
* __ Obtain mailing list of all local Republicans.
* __ Obtain mailing list of all local independents.
* __ Develop list of all GOP organizations.
* __ Develop list of all civic organizations.
* __ Develop list of all major GOP contributors.
* __ Develop email/fax list of all local VIP's.
* __ Develop email/fax list of all local businesses.
* __ Establish budget and priorities.
After Announcement Political Checklist
* __ Open bank account
  __ Make first contribution
* __ Contact GOP list. Send position papers
* __ Contact GOP organizations. Send position papers
* __ Contact VIP list. Send position papers
* __ Contact civic organizations. Send position papers
  __ Seek endorsements. Send position papers
* __ Make public announcement (Newspapers, Social Media, Email Lists)
* __ Make website live
  __ Send mailers to GOP voters
* __ Send mailers to independent voters
* __ Develop social media program
* __ Distribute door hangers (create schedule)
* __ Start door knocking campaign (create schedule)
* __ Purchase and distribute yard signs
* __ Purchase magnetic car signs for staff and volunteers
* __ Purchase campaign badges for staff and volunteers
* __ Join Chamber of Commerce (Link on website)
* __ Start tracking opposition candidate (s).
* __ Prepare biography for ballot materials
* __ Distribute materials to volunteers (lawn signs, bumper stickers, staff pins)
* __ Send weekly press releases with calendar of events
* __ Develop list of topics for letters to the editor.
  * These are items in which a local Republican club may be able to provide assistance.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

Edmund Burke


"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something, and I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do."

Edward Everett Hale